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The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Joy of a friend, book two, is also filled with family values, love, and friendship. With their faiths and tribulations still tearing their community apart.

Rachael took Martha with her to the Dr. appointment for moral support. The Drs. didn’t know what to tell Rachael, except they had never had a case like hers before.

Laura and Abby were at odds, this time it looked as though it might be for gut (good). Abby’s parents had joined the Bible study group and Rebeka forbid Laura to keep company with Abby any longer. Abby felt relieved as she didn’t like Laura’s choice of friends in town anyway.

The time spent away from Abby gave Laura free rein to meet with her friends in town. Laura could not see any harm in being with them, after all a night going to the movies was innocent enough.

Bishop Malachi had been upset with the families that left the Old Order Amish. In fact he had been showing his face at the Abraham Knapp place almost daily making sure Abraham was keeping his family on the right path. When he had caught Mary and Laura at the wedding he went straight to see Abraham.

Laura hadn’t come home after a night out. The community both Amish and Mennonite was looking for her. Abby was beside herself with guilt, had she been with Laura she would now be safe. Was she gone for good or would they find her?



ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781512729092
ISBN 13 (Hardbound): 9781512729108
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Ladies of Lancaster County is filled with family values, love, friendships, and their faiths and tribulations tearing their community apart. The fears and doubts bring questions to the many families involved as to which path they should take.

Rachael is struggling with her physical infirmities, with her doctors telling her there is not much time left. “Go home; put your affairs in order.”

Laura Knapp, Rebeka Knapp’s teenage daughter, is conflicted whether to experience the forbidden world outside the Amish faith or stay close to home. Some Englischers in town had caught her eye; however, there was also a young Amish man ever so handsome.

Laura’s best friend, Abby, told her she was fickle and needed to stay away from those Englischers; they were trouble. Laura thought Abby prudish and knew she would only hold her back.

Then she thought of Jacob Yoder, just moving into the area. She really didn’t know him well yet, even though he had attended her sixteenth birthday party. Thinking of his muscled arms when he kept her from falling into the dirt and those striking blue eyes that danced when he looked at her made her heart skip a beat.

Ruthie was grateful to God for providing a way for Rachael to come to her house to work. After Rachael becoming so ill, instead of working they took the time for Bible study. Ruthie knew Rachael needed Jesus in her heart as her best friend, as did Rachael’s husband, Joseph.


ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781490876399
ISBN 13 (Hardbound): 9781490876405
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781490876412

The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Trust of a Friend. Is the third book in the series. Your favorite characters continue on in this saga, you will only learn to love them more as they each get more involved.

Bobbeli James is bitten by a brown recluse spider and needs transported into the city for more medical attention than he could receive from their local hospital. With Ruthie being a nervous wreck,
Rachael is requested to go with Ruthie by Dr. Getz. He knows how close the two women are and also knows Ruthie will not get any rest at all if she doesn’t have Rachael there to watch over James while she rests.

Abby continues to be stricken with grief with Laura still missing. She doesn’t know if she will ever see her friend again.

Moses and Amelia Rohrer could not be happier with their decision and extended an invitation the following week for Lucas and Paula Lapp to come for a visit. Their health was not good and Paula knew
her help was needed, she just didn’t realize to what extent….


ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781512750577
ISBN 13 (Hardbound): 9781512750591
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The Rohrer place was a buzz with Moses and Amelia Rohrer finally having the kinskinner to love in their golden years as they had dreamed of for the past thirty years. They loved the two couples living there as both couples actually have a genuine walk with their Lord and Savior, and it showed in all they do. The love bestowed upon Moses and Amelia came so natural from all four adults living there with them. Laura had been spending time with Darcy since they both gave depositions to put those responsible for Laura’s abduction into the city. Darcy even asked Laura to lunch to see what there was to do in the quaint area Laura loved so much. Laura knew she could not stay long as Paula was carrying her second bobbeli and that was too much to ask of her dear friend. After all, Josh was getting bigger every day as was Paula’s firstborn, Joey. However, both Paula and Amelia knew how important it was for Laura to spend time with Darcy in case a door opened so she could share Christ with her. Rachael was beaming within at the thought of being a mammi again so soon. She gave her praises to God not only for a longer life, but also for a kinskinner to share it with. Her two best friends stopped by daily for a midmorning Bible study, and it left them all invigorated to go on with their daily chores. With Jacob living and working on the Rohrer property, it gave him more time to spend with Laura. He didn’t want to push her, and he wanted her to heal emotionally and spiritually and had high hopes for their own family growing soon. It would be in God’s timing, and this he knew for sure and for certain.


ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781512781809
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Isaac’s parents, friends, and especially Abby, his betrothed, are worried sick he will have brain damage from all the time he spent under the ice. Granted he could also get pneumonia. They all knew the outcome was in God’s hands.

Darcy is asked to take a leave of absence from Dr. Ken Casey’s office to come help her friend, Laura, with Joshua. She will stay to help with the bobbelin. Being out where Adam lives has brought her closer to him. Now that he spoke of his intentions to marry her, she didn’t want to ever return to the city that had treated her so badly.

Moses and Amelia are thrilled with both Paula and Laura delivering any day now. They felt blessed at every turn and gave praises to God.

Jacob’s shop has kept him very busy as word of mouth has gotten out about the quality of workmanship with each piece of furniture he creates.

Adam, being head over heels in love with Darcy, spent many hours working on the two-story white house with the picket fence. He knew both were Darcy’s dream. Nothing pleased him more than to make Darcy smile. He could not wait to finish the house so he could see Darcy walking down the aisle toward him. Darcy had been afraid her past would affect Adam’s decision to consider her as a mamm to his kinner. When Adam shared with her the past, it was just that—the past! Besides, at the age she was abducted, it was not her fault.

Rachael’s friends have noticed the physical changes in her appearance. It left them wondering what was going on.


There are changes to their life. But is it for the better or for the worse?


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